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I made a wrong deposit on Shuffle
I made a wrong deposit on Shuffle

If you've made an incorrect deposit on Shuffle here's what you need to do.

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If you have made a wrong deposit, please reach out to support in Live Chat.

Our team will do their best to assist with the issue but we cannot guarantee retrieval. For this, please review our policy around wrong deposits and retrieval.

The minimum retrieval USD amount must be over $10. Please ensure to use the right coin/chain when depositing.

Wrong deposit for coins that Shuffle support but sent on the wrong chain that Shuffle supports, missing destination tag, etc:

  • The first occurrence will be retrieved with no penalty

  • Future occurrences will incur a 10% penalty, up to $20 on the deposit's USD amount

Wrong deposits for coins that Shuffle does not support and/or chains that Shuffle does not support:

  • Our team will require time to investigate case by case

  • If the coin is retrievable, depending on the coin/chain, there can be a penalty for up to 50% of the deposit amount

  • If the coin is not retrievable, we will not be able to credit the deposit at all

Ripple deposits with missing destination tag

  • Deposits sent without a destination tag will be returned to the sending address

  • Please reach out to support if you made a Ripple deposit without a destination tag and we will provide a return transaction ID for your reference

  • To avoid this, please ensure to include a destination tag

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