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Deposit Bonus Terms & Conditions
Deposit Bonus Terms & Conditions

Find the full Terms & Conditions for our Deposit Bonus here!

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Deposit Bonus Requirements

  • We require a minimum deposit of $20.

  • We cannot grant deposit bonuses on deposits that have already been lost.

  • For all first-time deposit bonus promotions, bonuses can only be granted for your first deposit.

  • Note that we are not able to grant deposit bonuses once the deposit has been wagered. Contact Customer Support in order to receive your Bonus.

  • All bonuses carry a rollover requirement before a withdrawal can be requested. Rollover is a required amount of cash action on bets that you must wager before you can unlock funds. The rollover is calculated using the deposit amount + deposit bonus.

    • For example, A $100 deposit with a 100% deposit bonus match with a required 35X rollover means $200 * 35 = $7,000 worth of qualified wagers from the $100 deposit.

  • Bets with a rollover is capped at a maximum of $10 per bet unless stated otherwise.

    • You will not be able to place a bet larger than the set amount while a rollover is active.

  • Wager calculation: Wager * (game edge / 0.04) = rollover progress.

    • For example: A $5 bet on dice (1% edge) is ~$1.43 of progress; 5(0.01/0.035) = 1.4285714286

  • You will not be able to withdraw from the currency that you accept the bonus in until either you complete the rollover requirement or you forfeit your rollover.

    • Rollover cannot be forfeited once play has been started and there is still an existing balance. Any bonuses or promotional prizes claimed under rollover will still be subject to rollover rules and calculations.

    • When the rollover is active, withdrawals, vaulting & tipping in that currency are restricted.

  • When wagering in a currency that is in a rollover state, VIP rewards & affiliate commission generated are divided by 2.

  • We reserve the right to deduct winnings from any accounts circumventing our rules and terms of service.

  • Bonuses and any profits/taxes may be removed at any moment, per Shuffle discretion.

  • Accumulator games are not permitted to be played whilst a bonus with rollover is active.

  • You will not be eligible for challenges while on rollover.

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