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Deposit Bonuses Terms & Conditions
Deposit Bonuses Terms & Conditions
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Deposit Bonus Requirements

  • All bonuses carry a rollover requirement before a withdrawal can be requested. Rollover is a required amount of cash action on bets that you must wager before you can unlock funds. The rollover is calculated using the deposit amount + deposit bonus.

    • For example: A $100 deposit with a 100% deposit bonus match with a required 35X rollover means $200 * 35 = $7,000 worth of qualified wagers from the $100 deposit.

  • Bets with a rollover is capped at a maximum of $10 per bet unless stated otherwise.

    • You will not be able to place a bet larger than the set amount while a rollover is active.

  • Wager calculation: Wager * (game edge / 0.035) = rollover progress.

    • For example: A $5 bet on dice (1% edge) is ~$1.43 of progress; 5(0.01/0.035) = 1.4285714286

  • You will not be able to withdraw from the currency that you accept the bonus in until either you complete the rollover requirement or you forfeit your rollover.

    • Forfeiting your bonus removes the credit + revokes profit on your raw balance.

    • Note your real balance is used first when playing with a deposit bonus. ie. you deposit $500 with $500 in bonus and you lose $250. Once you forfeit, you will be left with $250 to withdraw.

    • When the rollover is active, withdrawals, vaulting & tipping in that currency are restricted.

  • When wagering in a currency that is in a rollover state, VIP rewards & affiliate commission generated is divided by 2.

  • We reserve the right to deduct winnings from any accounts circumventing our rules and terms of service.

  • Bonuses and any profits/taxes may be removed at any moment, per Shuffle discretion.

  • Accumulator games are not permitted to be played whilst a bonus with rollover is active.

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